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Where and when does the photo session take place?

The photo session will take place in my Oceanside studio, ideally within the first three weeks after baby’s birth.

When should I book my baby’s newborn session?

The best time to book your session is during your pregnancy’s second or third trimester. I will ask you to contact me after baby is born and we will touch base to schedule a date and time for our photo shoot.

What if my baby arrives early / late / needs extended time in the hospital?

Don’t worry. Your signed session agreement guarantees my availability within the two week window following your baby’s birth, whenever that may be. If baby requires a longer hospital stay, we’ll schedule for a time once he/she is happily settled at home. 

I forgot to book ahead / my baby is already a few weeks old. is it too late to have photos taken of my newborn / infant?

It's not too late. While I can’t guarantee I will get all of those curly, sleepy shots with older babies (they tend to be more alert and less bendy after the first two or three weeks) we can still take gorgeous photos of your newborn or young infant - especially if your baby enjoys being swaddled.  I hate the idea of a family going without images of their child in this special time of life. Please contact me directly and we'll work something out.

I’m a little anxious about this process. are you experienced in handling newborns?

It’s natural to be a little apprehensive about someone you’ve just met posing and photographing your new baby. I remember feeling the same way when I hired a photographer to take newborn portraits of my firstborn! I was a worrier – and if you are, too, I want to assure you that your baby’s safety is my number one priority. I have taken safety coursework specifically related to working with and posing newborns in the studio. I’m also a former newborn nanny and a mama of two myself.

I take precautions to keep your little one healthy, as well. I am never without hand sanitizer and I wash everything your baby will touch (with a gentle, fragrance-free detergent) between sessions. I have an updated DTaP vaccination and negative TB test.

Where is your studio located?

My studio is in a dedicated space attached to my Oceanside home. It’s located near Camp Pendleton’s Vandegrift gate, off Highway 76. It is a professional space separate from our living quarters, with its own bathroom attached.

I’ve put a lot of thought into designing a studio space that is welcoming not just for babies, but also for new parents. You will be able to make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, relax on a comfy couch, and watch me work. My goal is for you AND your baby to be as comfortable with this experience as possible.

When can I expect my gallery to be ready?

Your proofing gallery will be emailed to you 2-3 weeks after your session, and will be open for two weeks (14 days) in order for you to make your selections. Please note that your session will not enter my editing queue until your session fee has been paid in full.



Please contact me if you have questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here. I’d love to chat more about this process. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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